Connect to your

inner soul Healing, Inner Growth and Spiritual Connection.

Healing, Inner Growth and Spiritual Connection.

Welcome to our home farm and retreat center

Mark run's light energy through and out of his hands from source. This can be done in person or across the world. You may feel this as a warmth, tingle, or glow. Clients get healed transformed and strengthen their connection to the divine Jennifer does Regression Hypnosis Therapy.... This can be this in life--or in the past or even the future--wherever your own Subconscious wants to take you. She also does dream interpretation and plays very special crystal singing bowls.

Be a part ofNature

We have forty acres of pasture and forest in the Oregon Coast range.

Live in the Forest

We are a low emf environment and on pristine spring water And all organic.


Spiritual Healing with Mark

Energy is my tool. I use light energy to see and speak to your potential--to awaken you to what is possible for you, and then I also find out what is in the way---- and help you to release and open to the life you want to manifest.

Regressive Hypnosis with Jennifer

I love to help people gently go into a deep relaxation and hypnotic trance. People find it very easy to relax and trust me and I will take you on a journey guided by your own Subconscious to the vast library within you--- where all your lives and experiences throughout all time are recorded---- your Inner Guides and Teachers help to choose where you will go to explore and discover hidden abilities, wisdom and experiences you have had that will help you Now in this life. They can take you into the future or even sojourns between lives on other planets- -there is no limit in Consciousness....and we are multidimensional beings Come take a Soul Journey and bring the questions that are on your heart and mind to ask.

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Join today to start feeling more… Transformation Healing Connection Divine

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